Our range of work clothing is vast and caters for many industries. Sometimes it may be confusing which garment to choose if you are a first-time buyer, or new to our website. Here is a list of our top 5 recommended garments, and a brief explanation why you should opt for them, you can conveniently link directly to the products by clicking on the product code or the image:

1. CORD-250 Work Trousers - one of our best-selling heavy duty work trousers, this garment is ideal for many industries, including electricians, plumbers and builders. A Fristads garment, which pretty much guarantees you an extremely durable, practical and comfortable garment, the CORD-250 trousers come with a whole host of pockets and features. From the Cordura-reinforced loose hanging nail pockets to the (also reinforced) tough knee-pad pockets, these trousers won't let you down.

2. PS25-241 Work Trousers - Currently our best-selling work trousers. Manuafactured by Fristads, and popular with many of our customers, both induviduals and larger companies, these work pants offer both fantastic functionality as well as comfort. Manufactured incorporating Fristad's technical 'stretch' fabric, allowing the wearer to move around freely, while not compromising on durability, these work trousers can be worn in comfort on or off the job. Complete with reinforced loose-hanging nail pockets, which can be tucked away if not required, as well as adjustable knee-pad pockets, it is obvious why this garment is our best-seller.

3. FAS-288 Work Trousers - A truly incredible work trouser, and becoming one of our most popular garments. Manuafactured by Fristads and weighing in at 375 g/m2, these trousers are a true heavyweight contender. All pockets exposed to wear and tear are reinforced with Cordura, offering extra protection. Complete with knee-pad pockets and loose-hanging nail pockets and made from Fristads best 100% twill cotton, these trousers are also extremely comfortable. Highly recommended.

4. GXB-487 Gore-Tex Jacket - You think Gore-Tex you think quality. This jacket is an incredible garment; manufactured by Fristads incorporating Gore-Tex fabrics and technologies, this garment is waterproof, windproof yet breathable. Due to the technical Gore-Tex protection, this jacket is also reasonably lightweight, weiging in at 22g/m2, allowing you freedom of movement as well as protection in all weather conditions. This garment also meets EN 343.

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