Flame Retardant Clothing

Our range of Flame Retardant clothing is the best available in the UK. Pioner-Fristads has been the leading supplier of Flame Retardant coveralls to the UK for 30 years. The Firemaster coverall is the industry standard FR coverall, we've got them in stock and we're waiting for your order.  Our range of Nomex coveralls are tested for protection against electric arc and, whilst they're not cheap, we've not had a complaint in all the years we've been selling them.  The Fristads flame retardant range complies with the highest standard and combines great levels of protection with design and durability you expect from Fristads garments

This is only a snapshot of our range of Specialist, flame retardant clothing- to see the full range please visit www.specialistworkclothing.co.uk 

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